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“HeartCall Tract: God’s Call to Your Heart”

Communicates the steps of salvation using the universal symbols found in the HeartCall logo: the heart stands for hope (Jeremiah 29:11-13), the cross for believe (John 3:16), the arrow for turn (Acts 3:19) and the word, HeartCall, for call (Romans 10:9-10, 13) on Christ.

50 tracts per package.

ISBN 978-1-939965-01-1.

“HeartCall Tract: Spanish-English”

       Same as above in Spanish and English. Package of 50 tracts.

ISBN 978-1-939965-05-9.





HeartCall New Heart: What it Means to Believe

Eight-session study for new believers on the four steps of salvation (hope, believe, turn and call) and the first steps for the Christian life (share, church, pray and Bible). 70 pages.

ISBN 978-1-939965-02-8.

HeartCall Study: Sharing God’s Heart

Six-week study based on Colossians with a focus on 4:2-6. Sessions include how to pray for yourself and others, the work of the Holy Spirit, how to live, what to say and how to share Christ using the HeartCall logo.

ISBN 978-1-939965-03-5, forthcoming.

HeartCall: Women Sharing God’s Heart, original version 

Original HeartCall four-week course based on Colossians 4:2-6.

Available in English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese and Russian.

Download in pdf format.

HeartCall Seeker Series: Freedom from Fear  

Six-week study for almost-believers is designed to be used in the marketplace.

Download in pdf format.

Gifted2Go Study: Serving through Spiritual Gifts

Based on Ephesians with a focus on 2:8-10, this six-week study guides the learner through grace, salvation, unity of the church, spiritual gifts, family and warfare. Included is the Gifted2Go Puzzle, which is a spiritual gift inventory designed to mobilize believers to serve together, as the church, to communicate the gospel message.

ISBN 978-1-939965-07-3, forthcoming.




HeartCall Devotional Book

366-day devotional book written by hundreds of influential Christian women, focuses on sharing Christ and praying for the lost. The book takes the reader from Matthew through Revelation. 378 pages.

ISBN 978-1-939965-00-4.

HeartCall Bible

HeartCall Bible is the New American Standard Bible (NASB) translation with the HeartCall tract information printed inside the cover.

ISBN 978-1-939965-08-0, forthcoming.

Women Leading Women: The Biblical Model for the Church

Jaye Martin and Terri Stovall, authors,

Based on the biblical plan for leading and discipling women in the church.

B&H Academic, Nashville, TN. ISBN 978-0805447606.




Gifted2Go Puzzle

Spiritual gifts inventory designed to mobilize believers.

ISBN 978-1-939965-06-6.

Gifted2Go Market Bag

G2G logo on a green market bag makes a great conversation starter at the grocery store.

HeartCall Tote Bag

White boat tote with black handles and the HeartCall logo on the outside pocket (great place for tracts) make it perfect for books.

HeartCall T-shirt

Gray Beefy-T with HeartCall logo in white is ideal for retreats and events.

HeartCall Christmas Celebrations

Numerous ways to share the gospel during the holidays.

ISBN 978-1-939965-04-2, forthcoming.


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