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We're glad you're here. The notes below are to help you find your way around. 

Jaye Martin Ministries is a nonprofit ministry with the mission to equip leaders to share Christ and mobilize believers through resources, training and partnerships. 

Home Page

On our home page, you will note that each photo header is a link to something important so click here to take you to these areas with more information.

Beneath the home gallery photos, you will see three icons which represent our ministry areas. Anytime you see these links, just one click will take you to these main areas that support our mission:

JMM web blue logo 30JMM equipping leaders training link
JMM web red HC logo 30 HeartCall sharing Christ link
JMM web green G2G logo 30 Gifted2Go mobilizes believers through spiritual gifts link

To see more of what we're about, see our About Us page here. 



Under the JMM, HeartCall and Gifted2Go icons, you will see twelve, small drawings. These are links to help you navigate the site quickly.


Quick idea on how to share Christ this week.


Resources you can purchase. If you want to see a description list of our resources, check out our Resources page. 


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Give to help equip leaders.


Leadership training types are explained and links to request forms provided.


Blog's website, jayemartin.blogspot.com.


Gifted2Go Puzzle: Where Do I Fit In? spiritual gifts inventory.


Find HeartCall and Gifted2Go Leaders of Leaders (our trainers) by using the map.


Videos can be found on our Vimeo page here.

Find Hope

Looking for something? Find Hope in Christ!


Resources for creative parties and intentional gatherings.


Use HeartCall to train girls in sharing Christ and Gifted2Go for understanding spiritual gifts.

Join the Movement

If you'd like to join the movement, you can

If you want to connect with us, then see our Contact page or find us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

If you are looking for free resources, then click here!