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Leader of Leaders


Leader of Leaders is unique training, offered only by JMM, for the purpose of equipping leaders in sharing Christ and mobilizing believers.


In an effort to take the gospel to the world, JMM seeks to train leaders who will train other leaders. Leaders apply and must be approved by their church, as well as associational or state convention staff. They must be able and available to train people at their churches and to mobilize others to be trained.

Types of Leader of Leaders Training

The mission of JMM is to equip leaders to share Christ and mobilize believers through resources, training and partnerships. Leader of Leaders are trained to carry out the mission of Christ and the mission of JMM. There are two tracks of Leader of Leaders trainings. Leaders may choose to be trained in one or both tracks.


Equipping Leaders

Called2Lead covers leadership training in biblical and spiritual foundation, as well as leadership development and implementation. The 20 subject areas include: church as foundation, bondservant, God as leader, following the leader, my mission statement, personal disciplines, balance in leadership, strategic planning, strengths and giftedness, enlisting the team, mobilizing the team, reaching through events, serving with men, leading change, handling conflict, leadership pitfalls, leadership questions, developing new leaders, evaluatng leaders and modeling authentic leadership.


Sharing Christ and Mobilizing Believers

Called2Go covers equipping in sharing Christ and mobilizing believers. HeartCall resources are taught for sharing Christ and Gifted2Go materials are used for mobilizing believers through spiritual giftedness.The 10 HeartCall subject areas are: my prayer, prayer for believers, open doors, recycled lifestyle, God's heart, my HeartCall, HeartCall New Heart, HeartCall moments, leading believers and implementing HeartCall in the church. The 10 areas of study in Gifted2Go are: gifted in life, saved by grace, prepared to serve, gifted to walk, sharing in love, armed and ready, Gifted2Go spiritual gifts puzzle and explanation, Gifted2Go projects, the gifted church and live the Word.


Host Training

Churches and other denominational entities may choose to host Leader of Leaders training. Host churches provide the training venue, five host homes for two trainees each, and one lunch and dinner for attendees. In most cases, expenses for the JMM team are covered by the ministry. The host church may send 10 to be trained (at no additional cost). JMM invites up to 20 others to participate. Invited guests pay their own expenses and the typical cost varies depending upon location. 

Training Length

While training is available for as little as an hour minimum, in order to be certified as a Leader of Leaders, training must be a minimum of eight hours. The ideal for each track is 30 hours of training, 20 session blocks. To see a potential week-long schedule, for Called2Lead, click here. To see a potential schedule for Called2Go, click here.

Many are unable to participate in a week-long training so for both tracks, we offer a half-week option. All 20 session blocks of material are offered in a condensed schedule of three days or 15 hours. To see the 3 day training for Called2Lead, click here. For Called2Go, click here.

Intensive one-day training is reserved for the most advanced leaders who are familiar with teaching others and who can absorb and great amount of material in a short amount of time. These trainings may take the form of one weekday or weekend training. There is also options for overnights that feature partial one day trainiing, and the rest the next day. To see the optons for these trainings, click here for Called2Lead and here for Called2Go.