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Build your team

Within our leadership team, you will find years of experience to help you build your team on the foundation of Christ. Below, you can get to know our team and then see training areas we offer specifically about team building. 


Jaye was on ministerial staff leading major divisions at a metro megachurch; developed effective national, state and church strategies to mobilize believers and share the gospel; developed curriculum, led administratively and taught evangelism and leadership in seven seminaries and several colleges. That followed years of volunteer ministry and professional interior design work. She consults individuals and church ministries on how to develop a strategy that fits their lifestyle(s). Jaye is a published author and speaker.


Fred Campbell is best described as a passionate CEO who believes that with God’s help, he can bring change to the world. His testimony is that he asked God to show him a way to invent something so he could retire and give more time and resources to the Lord. God is using him in bold ways to reach business and community leaders in the Austin, Texas area. His practical plans to reach the city will prove beneficial to all.


Tracy Jones reminds us what it is like to come from a broken world. She is a first generation believer and enthusiastically loves the Lord and shares her story. Tracy has served with HeartCall since the beginning and still serves today teaching and cheerleading us onward! She co-authored the new believers series, HeartCall New Heart: What it Means to Believe. Tracy also brings to the table years of experience in teaching women and girls.


Sharon Beougher is a teacher extraordinaire. She teaches Bible classes at school and church, piano on many afternoons, mentors young women inside and outside the family and serves as a pastor’s and evangelism professor’s wife. As a published author, she brings much editing experience and teaching advice to the JMM team.


Kelli Martin has numerous strengths but to our team she brings her giftedness in writing and editing, as well as her ability to connect with the next generation. As a seminary graduate, she understands ministry and has been a part of starting a new site at a metro megachurch, led creative arts for kids at a growing and creative cutting-edge church, led workshops and taught girls and young women. Her role as chief creative officer at JMM also brings insight to the social media side of life: blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Google Hangout and whatever else is to come.