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HeartCall Endorsements

"HeartCall might be a simple plan to share Christ, but the results of these resources are anything but! Designed to equip and empower believers know how to share Christ in a way that's not only intentional but relational, HeartCall resources are uncomplicated and easy to understand and use. HeartCall resources urge us to capture a glimpse of God's heart for those who don't yet know him and teach us how we can speak about our experiences with God in ways they will understand and respond to." 

Kathy Chapman Sharp, Church Communications Consultant and Author, Nashville, TN

“Evangelism tools come and go, but HeartCall is more than just another tract or tool. HeartCall develops a process of lifestyle evangelism and helps women bridge their fears of sharing their faith with those who need to hear the Good News of Christ. I especially love the new believer’s companion piece which helps women take the next step of discipleship.”

Kelly King, Women’s Missions and Ministries Specialist, Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma, Oklahoma City, OK

"HeartCall is an evangelism training program for women that is biblical and practical. It has helped train thousands in how to more effectively share the good news about King Jesus and the salvation He has provided. We have no hesitation in commending its widest possible use."

Danny and Charlotte Akin, President and wife, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Wake Forest, NC

“These are changing, challenging days for Christ followers, especially Christian women. The church’s ability to stand, respond and speak truth in a culture that is becoming more secular with each passing day grows more difficult with every passing day. The church needs biblically based, culturally relevant resources to equip Christ followers to speak truth with passion and compassion. Jaye Martin’s resources, HeartCall, are relevant tools that can be used and easily adapted to equip women to live, serve and witness in the real world.”

“These resources address the issues of the heart. Jaye Martin has captured the passion that a walk with Christ produces affecting every role of life. The issues that Christian women face in balancing life in the 21st century are addressed from a biblical worldview perspective. These resources assist women to discover how to live, love and share their faith in the real world. Jaye Martin’s resources are written by a practitioner, not merely a strategist. She knows the issues and the answers. You will find the materials adaptable, effective and dynamic.”

Dr. John O. Yarbrough, Director of Alumni Relations, Truett-McConnell College, Cleveland, GA

“The HeartCall materials are ‘top notch’ in every way. Theologically sound, creatively presented and challenging, these materials encourage women to pursue Christ with all their hearts.”

Susie Hawkins, Author and Speaker, Dallas, TX

“Do you want to see your passion for sharing your faith grow? Not sure how or where to start? Let me recommend HeartCall materials to you. Through these innovative resources, Jaye Martin will increase your confidence that you too can share your faith very simply using her creative ideas.”

Denise O'Donoghue, Director of Women's Life, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Wake Forest, NC

“HeartCall has long been one of my go-to resources for personal evangelism. Its thoughtful design and packaging is only surpassed by the powerful and inviting message presented!”    

Dorothy Kelley Patterson, Professor of Theology in Women’s Studies , Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Fort Worth, TX

“HeartCall is the product of a dual calling on the life of Jaye Martin. Her experience in Women’s Ministry and passion for evangelism training has resulted in a unique training tool that is of great value to God’s people.

David Self, Executive Pastor, Houston’s First Baptist Church, Houston, TX

“Jaye is a one-in-a-million lady. As her Pastor of 20 years I have never ceased to be amazed at God's great usefulness of her many gifts in the kingdom. Her book series, HeartCall, is a life changer.”

John Bisagno, Pastor Emeritus, Houston’s First Baptist Church, Houston, TX

“Evangelism is more than a program at church.  It is something you live every day of your life as you share the gospel message with those around you. HeartCall teaches you not only how to live daily with intention to share the gospel message, but it also gives you helpful tools make to it natural and easier.”

Page Hughes, Speaker and Author, Pastor’s Wife, Louisville, KY