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Leader of Leaders Training

Our intensive classroom Leader of Leaders training has been developed over the past 15 years. Here are the highlights:

  • Leadership equipping to lead in the local church
  • HeartCall and Gifted2Go church Leader of Leader certification
  • Extra resources for sharing Christ and mobilizing believers
  • Membership in our network of leaders
  • 30 classroom hours of training
  • Vast array of instruction from leaders in their field

Leader of Leaders Subject Areas

  • Leading Believers
  • My Prayer
  • Prayer for Unbelievers
  • Open Doors
  • My Lifestyle
  • God's Heart
  • My HeartCall
  • HeartCall New Heart
  • Seekers, Parties and Service
  • Implementing HeartCall in the Church
  • The Gifted Church
  • Gifted in Life
  • Saved by Grace
  • United to Serve
  • Gifted to Walk
  • Sharing in Love
  • Armed and Ready
  • Gifted2Go Puzzle
  • Word, Heart and Hands
  • Live the Word


Are you a leader who wants to equip others in your church? Leader of Leaders training is designed for you. 

  • Submit an application here
  • Host a training here


Would you like to support young leaders by giving financially? Many potential leaders do not have the resources to travel, buy materials and attend a Leader of Leaders training. Your gifts make it possible by underwriting the costs of these who have been recommended and approved to attend. See our give page for more information.