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HeartCall Strategy

 Our call to reach the world for Christ

The task of reaching the world is so huge that we had to figure out what we could do. Through HeartCall, we at JMM equip leaders in sharing Christ. We do that in three main ways: provide resources, train leaders and partner with church-related ministries.

Provide resources for sharing Christ 

Resources are designed to help believers know how to share Christ in a way that is relational and intentional. The HeartCall series is designed to teach the student how to share the gift of Jesus with others.

  • HeartCall Tract

    SOLD OUT. The plan of salvation is found on the small HeartCall Tract. The tracts help believers communicate the good news of the gospel as well as provide a quick resource to leave with others. The HeartCall Tract was formerly known as the HeartTalk Witnessing Booklet. The material is copyrighted and no permission is given for any use without written consent from Jaye Martin.

  • HeartCall Study: Sharing God’s Heart

    Available fall 2013. This six-week HeartCall Study is based on Colossians with a focus on Colossians 4:2-6. It concentrates on the subject areas of praying for yourself, praying for others, how the Holy Spirit works, how to have a recycled life, God's heart and my HeartCall. The study can be done in the traditional weekly format, as a one-day or a one-night event, or in a retreat setting. Our HeartCall Leader of Leaders training is available to certifiy trainers in church leadership, including the study course.

  • HeartCall Devotional Book

    SOLD OUT. From Matthew to Revelation, this 366-day devotional book encourages readers to pray for unbelievers and to share Christ. With stories from over 300 women, this is an updated version of the original HeartCall: The Call to Prayer. It is a great resource for anyone who wants to follow Christ's call to make a difference as well as a good tool for a leadership team to read together.

  • HeartCall: Women Sharing God’s Heart

    Available for download in our shop. Our original course written in 1999, HeartCall: Women Sharing God's Heart, is still available as a download in English, Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean and Russian. This four-week series has not been updated and remains in the original format. The language translations follow the same outline as the English version. You will want to order the new work, HeartCall Study: Sharing God's Heart when it is available. Until then, enjoy this tried and true training resource.

  • HeartCall Seeker Study: Freedom from Fear

    Available for download in our shop. Developed years ago, this study was designed for the almost-believer or the unbeliever. HeartCall Seeker Study: Freedom from Fear was written by Cheryl Reccord and Linda Ebert as a part of the original HeartCall series. Many individuals led this study in their home, and many churches organized outreach retreats using this material. The gospel message is included in the fourth session. This study is available as a download.

  • HeartCall Parties

We focus on three main areas that have proven to be effective in sharing Christ. One is seeker or discipleship studies, one is servanthood acts or acts of kindness and the other is parties that are designed to develop relationships where people can naturally talk about the Lord. See the pages on HeartCall party ideas. Outdoor parties, indoor parties, Easter parties, Halloween parties and Christmas parties are all fun ways to gather a group and introduce people to Christ. We have developed several events that churches can hold that will teach people how to host HeartCall parties. More resources are to come!

  • HeartCall Leader of Leader Resources

    Those who enroll are accepted into our Leader of Leaders training will benefit from numerous, additional resources designed to enhance and enrich those who lead in the local church. These extras are only available to those who have completed the Leader of Leaders training. 

Train leaders who will train others in sharing Christ

Our priority is on training leaders who will train others in sharing Christ and mobilizing believers. We focus on training smaller groups of leaders rather than larger groups of laity. Those who have been though our extensive 30-hour Leader of Leaders training are then referred to do the equipping of the laity in the local church. As we grow, you will see these leaders appear on our map here. If you don’t see a name in your area, then God may be calling you to join us and be trained as a Leader of Leaders

Partner with individuals, families and churches

We partner with churches, associations, state conventions, seminaries, colleges, denominational agencies and entities to host and train key leaders in their areas.

Individuals partner with us by helping us fund training for the next generation. God has called many young leaders to focus on sharing Christ and mobilizing others. In light of their season of life, many would not be able to afford the expense to attending training. JMM accepts the applications of young leaders who might benefit from being trainers to make a difference for Christ and to take their training to the world. In addition to the training, we are committed to network with these young leaders and to help them be effective trainers and mobilizers for the cause of Christ.

To learn more about how you can join the movement, click here.