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When the weather permits, outdoor parties can bring a community together. It is always a good idea to have a backup plan in case it rains. As you plan these parties, try to have a house, pavilion, gym, barn, warehouse or a rain date, just in case! Hopefully, these ideas will get you started. 

1. Cookout

Host a cookout at the apartment pool, backyard, school yard, church, playground, park or just about any setting. Nothing draws people like the aroma of meat on the grill. Make it simple with hotdogs or go all-out with chicken or steaks. Let others help bring the food (potluck is back in style). Neighbors and friends can bring their favorite outdoor games like badminton, Frisbees, beach balls, kick balls, skateboards or anything for those who love activity. Share HeartCall in what you say and how you live. Help others see the difference Christ has made in your life.

2. Carnival

Provide a mini-carnival setting in an outdoor park, community or church center. You can have as many booths as you have people to run them. Popular booth tables are face painting, a ring toss or any number of activities. Food can be simple, like small bags of chips or candy, or you can make it more elaborate with popcorn and corndogs. Bring people together, and make a day of cheap fun for all ages. In the gospels, we see that Jesus was among the people. Be His light and shine for Him. Others will see the hope they, too, can have in Christ.

3. Run

Run for a cause – host a walk or run; or join one planned by someone else. Coordinate your clothes (we suggest our HeartCall T-shirts), and go as a group to support your favorite cause. You might want to raise money for a mission trip, but don’t hesitate to join a walk for cancer or other worthy causes. As you go, be sure to shine with the message of Jesus Christ. Look for opportunities to tell the story of the HeartCall logo - hope, believe, turn and call.

4. Prayer Walk

Designate a location to meet. Go on a walk and pray for those you meet as you stroll the city streets or neighborhood roads. Stop to meet people, and commit to pray for them for the next four weeks. Wear your HeartCall T-shirts or add your own, creative twist. The point is to get out, pray for your community and meet people. Share hope by sharing your own story of how you came to understand the gospel message.

5. Food Drive

Invite people to meet you at a mission center, or have the back of a truck at your church or home ready to collect donations of canned and packaged food. You may be surprised with how many people will participate. You can even have people walking through the neighborhood asking for donations. Any way you can make your hosts stand out (for example, by wearing the same T-shirts) will help people know who to ask for help and hope. As you deliver the food to your ministry center, be sure to tell them about the hope you found in Christ.

These outdoor party ideas are just to get you started. Post your party ideas on our Facebook page here. We'd love to hear them!