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HeartCall Parties


There is nothing like a party to get to know those in your community. HeartCall parties are a great way to take God’s love and share it with others. The idea is to look for those the Lord would have you invite and to be intentional in your relationships. For each of these ideas, just follow these simple steps. You can go to our Facebook page here and share your stories. We’d love to hear from you! 


Pray. Invite your community (personal invitations, newsletters, social media, etc.).
pray for God to show you who might need to find the hope of Christ
Gather HeartCall or other resources (anything that will refer people to where they can find hope).
pray for who might help you to host the party
pray for lives to be changed (after all, this is why we exist)
Party! Let the Holy Spirit work and get to know your new friends. Ask them how you can pray for them.
Enlist others to help you give the party and to be ready to share their personal stories of walking with Christ.
After the party, keep in contact.

Keep praying for more open doors, and ask God to help you walk in Him.
Plan the party together and delegate assignments.