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Leader of Leaders Training

Our intensive classroom Leader of Leaders training has been developed over the past 15 years. Here are the highlights:

  • Leadership equipping to lead in the local church
  • HeartCall and Gifted2Go church Leader of Leader certification
  • Extra resources for sharing Christ and mobilizing believers
  • Membership in our network of leaders
  • 30 classroom hours of training
  • Vast array of instruction from leaders in their field

Leader of Leaders Subject Areas

  • Leading Believers
  • My Prayer
  • Prayer for Unbelievers
  • Open Doors 
  • My Lifestyle 
  • God's Heart
  • My HeartCall
  • HeartCall New Heart
  • Seekers, Parties and Service
  • Implementing HeartCall in the Church
  • The Gifted Church
  • Gifted in Life
  • Saved by Grace
  • United to Serve
  • Gifted to Walk
  • Sharing in Love
  • Armed and Ready
  • Gifted2Go Puzzle
  • Word, Heart and Hands
  • Live the Word


Are you a leader who wants to equip others in your church? Leader of Leaders training is designed for you.

  • Submit an application here
  • Host a training here


Would you like to support young leaders by giving financially? Many potential leaders do not have the resources to travel, buy materials or attend Leader of Leaders training. Your gifts make it possible by underwriting the costs of these who have been recommended and approved to attend. See our give page for more information.