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gifted2go puzzle

Are you interested in taking our Gifted2Go puzzle? It is a short assessment to help you understand the spiritual gifts God has given you as a believer. It can be used to help you see how to act on these gifts for the good of the body of Christ, the church. It is available for purchase in our shopThe Gifted2Go Study: Serving through Spiritual Gifts includes the puzzle with much more explanation on spiritual gifts, and it is in the works, too. 

Learn about Spiritual Gifts

As believers, we are given these gifts from God the Holy Spirit to build up the body of Christ. As the church, we are able to work together the glory of God. If the body is missing a part, then it cannot function as well as it could with all of the parts. Each part is important, and it's more effective for God's people to be united in Christ in mind and spirit. The hope is that this will help assist the church body to work together for God as the family of God.

Find the Puzzle

The puzzle is available soon for purchase from our shop. Once it is purchased, you will be sent an email with a link to download the PDF file of the puzzle. Then, you may print it, take the inventory and read the descriptions of different gifts. It will help you review how your spiritual gifts are described biblically and how they can be used at your own church. Then, you can share and explain it with others, so they can take it and be an active part of the church as well.