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November 19, 2013: Broaden your Thanksgiving circle. Look for some international students or business people and include them in your Thanksgiving plans. Remember to share how we show thanks to the Lord for His gift!

As you go...

What is one thing you can do today to share the good news of Christ with others? Through 1tip, we share some answers to this question that you can apply to everyday life. Hopefully, this will be a tool you can use throughout the year. Be sure to go to the contact page here and email us success stories if you have them. We'd love to hear from you!

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Past 1tips

  • Invite a neighbor to run errands with you. Take time to listen to how they are doing, and be open to sharing how God is moving in your life. 
  • Eat! Visit a restaurant with friends and family. Pick one that's nearby that has food you all enjoy so you can frequent it. Build relationships with the people you go with and the staff if you are given the opportunity.
  • Art. Share how God has influenced how you see art or the art that you create (ex: music, literature, performances, architecture). 
  • Get involved in sports. How does your relationship with Christ impact your interaction in sports? Host parties to watch games, join a club or neighborhood leauge or coach a little league team. Be open to discuss how our faith in Christ relates to character and sports.
  • Host a block party this fall. Offer to provide meat, and invite neighbors to bring a side dish. Seek to build relationships. Look for opportunities to pray for someone to share with them how Christ has changed your life.
  • Offer to babysit one night for someone, like a friend, co-worker or single parent. You can be a witness to kids and parents of God's grace that He gives so freely. 
  • Be a handyman for someone. Ask if you can help someone repair something that helps their safety, especially single parents, the elderly or someone who may not have extra hands around to help fix things.
  • Look for ways to care for the homeless. Invite friends and/or famil to help you prepare Ziploc bags of toiletries to give to the homeless on a roadside, volunteer at a shelter, help with Meals on Wheels or attend a Church Under the Bridge.
  • Practice workplace kindness. God can use it to sharpen us and to share His kind of love. Remember 1 John 4:19: "We love, because He first loved us" (NASB). 
  • Volunteer at a school: See if you can volunteer to help with a school function. Pray for an opportunity to share the difference Christ has made in your life.
  • Eat with a neighbor: Invite neighbors to a family meal. Ask about them, and share how God provides. Thank them for joining you. 
  • Join a neighborhood club or group: Find one that has similar interests as you. For example, some communities have dinner clubs, gardening classes, art clubs, books clubs and sport leagues. Be open to share not only your love for the group and what they are doing but also your love for your Savior.
  • Train for an exercise event with friends: Sign up with an event, like a walk, bike ride or a race. Train and pray together. Look for opportunities to share what God has done or what He is doing in your life.
  • Get to know your neighbors: Ask about their day and observe where they have needs. See if you can do something to help them meet their needs.
  • Enjoy God's creation: Enjoy, even express the beauty in God's creation. Share travel stories, walk with friends or enjoy the great outdoors with others. 
  • Support missionaries: You can support them financially, volunteer with them or pray for them. Reflect on how God is at work and thank Him. Share Christ and what He has done in your life when you can.
  • Send care packages: Send care packages and good wishes with a verse to those away from home, such as troops, campers, missionaries and college students. 
  • Welcome newcomers: Get involved in welcome wagons or start your own. Encourage with a list of services, churches and phone numbers.
  • Help a mover: Do you have a neighbor or friend who is moving? Offer to help them pack, or gather others to wish them well. Ask for their contact information to keep in touch.
  • Pray for businesses: Ask how you can pray for businesses in your community. Be available to assist and volunteer as they have needs.
  • Share stories of renewal: "When a neighborhood needed help refinishing a chest, I used the 'old became new' to share the Gospel. Eventually, both her and her husband became believers." Jennifer Peloquin
  • Pray for missionaries: Pray for missionaries and encourage others to pray for them. How? Ask your church or see prayer requests at www.imb.org. 
  • Go on a prayer walk: Go on a prayer walk around your neighborhood. As you walk, look for people and things to pray for. Read verses and record prayer requests. 
  • Ask neighbors for prayer requests: Make your home a place of prayer. Ask neighbors how you can pray for them. Keep in touch on needs as well as answered prayers.
  • Give a compliment: This week, find someone doing something right and compliment the person. Tell him/her that you praise God for the difference this one is making. Pray that the door will be opened for further discussion about our Lord!
  • Take notes: As you go, take a notepad with you. Ask people how you can pray for their requests. See if God doesn't open some doors to share about His love!